Latest Blood Libel: The Car Ramming Settler


The following video has been doing the rounds on social media, allegedly of an “evil Zionist settler” targeting a mother and child with his/her car.

Screenshot in case tweet deleted

Screenshot in case tweeted deleted

Screenshot in case deleted

Naturally, it is yet another (presumably deliberate) lie by people who do not have truth or morality on their side.

True, it is video of a palestinian woman and child getting run over. But it was not at the hands of a Jewish person, as evidenced by the Arabic report of the incident (which occurred last year).

Here is a screenshot of the article after auto-translate kicked in:

Note there is no mention of a Jew having driven the car, nor of it having been deliberate. Rather, it sounds as though a palestinian was busy on their phone, perhaps also influenced by Ramadan fatigue.

I tell you, dealing with these blood libels is like whack-a-mole.

Hat tip: Nimrod

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