Don’t Point Out Jew Hatred On YouTube


It’s happened again. Two years ago I made a short video pointing out at that time, a little detail about how Facebook dealt with horrific Jew-hating content (antisemitism as some call it). I made the video, put it on Facebook and YouTube and wrote a blog post.

Then a funny thing happened: on January 19, 2016, YouTube removed my video (the one highlighting the existence of, but not spreading, Jew hatred). They accused that my video “violated our Community Guidelines”. I appealed immediately:

I produced a video highlighting the hate speech of OTHERS on Facebook; I didn’t even mention specifics of the hate speech. This video is still live on Facebook (of which I’m highly critical).

Someone at one of Israel’s main night-time news and comment shows, Hatzinor on Channel 10, picked up the story, ran most of my video and interviewed me on YouTube’s removal of the video. Just as that show went out on Israel’s national TV, YouTube accepted my appeal and re-instated the video.

Which is why I was somewhat shocked when yesterday I got the following email from YouTube:

Here we go again, same video, same accusation and of course this now also blocks me from live-streaming on YouTube, something I have been doing a bit recently. I submitted pretty much the same appeal as last time (adding in that this video was flagged, removed and reinstated on appeal before) but something strange happened.

Notice this is at 12:06 and less than 1 hour after the takedown (at 11:10) and probably only 10 minutes after I submitted my appeal! That’s some quick reviewing or, more likely, this was never going to be overturned on appeal.

The video, of course, remains on Facebook and now BitChute if you’d like to check it.

I’m trying to figure out why now and the answer is probably quite obvious. I’ve been commenting on the major case of Tommy Robinson in the UK and my channel has seen a tremendous growth. Why just yesterday YouTube even sent me a pretty, animated, email explaining how well I’ve done!

So it’s probably a combination of having attracted a whole load more trolls and/or someone at YouTube doesn’t think my new content is in line with their Social Justice principles but can’t quite figure out how to take me down for it.

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