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YouTube Censors Me Again….For Showing Antisemitism & Terror Support

My video showing Israel haters and antisemites outside the Palestine Expo in London a few years ago has been removed

YouTube Removes as “Hate Speech” David Draiman Interview Video Ripping Roger Waters and BDS

YouTube: "Hate speech" does not mean what you think it means

Dealing With Some Recently Announced Social Media Changes

There have been a number of social media-related changes announced that will potentially impact sites like this adversely. The good news is there are ways of dealing with it

The Ten Most Viewed Israellycool YouTube Videos of 2017

What were the most viewed videos on the channel in 2017?

YouTube Set To Delete Israellycool Account

Well isn't this nice

YouTube’s Latest Assault on Israellycool

Seriously, YouTube?

YouTube Again Targets My Channel

Is this part of a campaign to target pro-Israel accounts? Or is it YouTube trying to crack down on videos from terrorists?

A Small Victory: YouTube Reinstates My Roger Waters Video

Here's hoping the other pro-Israel activists affected experience similar results.

YouTube Silences Other Pro-Israel Activists

Others are being silenced

YouTube Takes Down My Roger Waters Video, Calls It “Hate Speech”

The Israel haters and antisemites are gaming the system to silence pro Israel advocates like me. 

YouTube Is A Battle Ground And Defending Israel Will Be Collateral Damage

Calling out anti-Israel hate speech is getting more difficult on YouTube and other social sites

PMW Wiped Off YouTube Again (Updated)

Years of work by Palestine Media Watch PMW just wiped off the web by YouTube.


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