Now We’re Apparently Stealing Iran’s Snow

Last week, Iran’s head of Civil Defence Organisation Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali accused Israel of stealing their clouds.

It turns out he also accused us of a snow job. (hat tip: Arsen)

One of our agents at work in Iran

The threat of climate change and how it might negatively affect skiing is nothing new. But claims countries are stealing each others’ snow, causing slopes to be left bare, is something more out of the ordinary.

Last week Iran’s head of Civil Defence Organisation claimed Israel had been stealing clouds and snow from his country.

The accusations were made at an agricultural conference in the Iranian capital of Tehran by Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, who said: “Foreign interference is suspected to have played a role in climate change. Joint teams from Israel and one of the neighbouring countries make the clouds entering into Iran barren. Moreover, we are faced with the cases of cloud theft and snow theft.”

Jalali later cited a recent survey finding that all mountainous areas higher than 2,190m stretching from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean Sea were covered in snow, except for Iran. This adverse weather was blamed on Iran’s nearby nations.

I can’t believe this needed to be said:

The head of Iran’s meteorological service Ahad Vazife dismissed Mr Jalili’s comments. He said the general “probably has documents of which I am not aware, but on the basis of meteorological knowledge, it is not possible for a country to steal snow or clouds”.

But does he still have those documents?!

With these mad skillz, surely we should be able to steal their nukes.

Update: This:



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