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Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Two

As I mentioned in the first post in this series, ADDAMEER, the Palestinian Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association, has been created and run by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the brutal terror organization responsible for the murders of tens of Israelis and non-Israelis alike.

In this post, I will look at ADDAMEER board, assembly and staff members – past and present – who have PFLP affiliations.

Board & Assembly Members

Let’s begin with ADDAMEER’s board and general assembly, a whopping nine of which have PFLP affiliations. The same goes for one former board member.

Abdullatif Ghaith

A co-founder, chairperson, and board member of Addameer, Ghaith is a member of the PFLP political bureau.

Screenshot of auto-translation of Ma’an News report

Yaqoub Oudeh

Oudeh is a senior member of the PFLP, described as a member and brother on the PFLP website.

Screenshot of auto-translation of article on PFLP website

Mahmoud Jaddah

Jaddah is a member of the PFLP and served 17 years in Israeli prison before being released in 1985 during a prisoner exchange.

Screenshot of auto-translation of Al-Araby report

Suha Barghouthi

Barghouthi has held leadership positions in the PFLP.

Screenshot of auto-translation of Zaman al-Wasl report

Dawoud Darawi

Darawi was listed on the PFLP’s 2005 candidate list for the Palestinian Parliament elections.

Screenshot of auto-translation of Al-Ayyam report

Mahmoud Al-Safadi

Al-Safadi was arrested by Israel and imprisoned for his terrorist activity with the PFLP during the First Intifada.

Screenshot of auto-translation of Al-Watan Voice article

Naser Abu Khdair

The PFLP organized a celebration for Abu Khdair’s release from Israeli prison in 2016. In the below video showing him at the celebration, you can see a PFLP poster in the background; my Arabic-speaking source tells me he is described as a “leader” on it.

Rinad Zoa’rob

Zoa’rob is described by the PFLP as an “activist” (a word used by the organization to describes its members).

Screenshot of auto-translation of article on PFLP website

Bashir Al-Khairy

Al-Khairy is described by the official website of the PFLP as a former PFLP leader.

Screenshot of auto-translation of article on PFLP website

Khalida Jarrar

A former vice-chairperson, board member, and director,  Jarrar is currently in Israeli prison for her active membership in the PFLP.

Staff Members

Ayman Nasser

ADDAMEER’s legal unit coordinator, Nasser is currently in prison after being convicted by the Israeli Military court for his activity as a PFLP member.

Salah Hamouri

An ADDAMEER field researcher, Hamouri was arrested and imprisoned for 6 years by Israel for membership in the PFLP and planning an assassination against Israeli religious leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

So there you have it. Can there be any doubt that the PFLP is actually pulling the strings of ADDAMEER, giving it an veneer of respectability?

In upcoming posts, I will show further connections between ADDAMEER members, the PFLP, and other terror organizations.

Part Three

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