Labour Press Team & Israel Haters Screw Up in Defense of Corbyn’s Terrorist Ceremony Attendance


With Jeremy Corbyn refusing to apologize for being present when a wreath was laid in memory of members of the terror group behind the Munich massacre, the Labour party’s press team is in spin mode, tweeting this:

This same argument has been advanced and amplified by many Israel haters, such as the detestable George Galloway.

While it is true that none of the actual terrorists who perpetrated the massacre are buried in Tunisia, the original Daily Mail report referred to members of Black September, the terror group behind the attack, as well as another terrorist implicated in the attack.

In other words, the Labour Press team and the haters are advancing a strawman argument.

Had the Labour Press Team read the article they included in their tweet carefully enough, they may not have made this mistake.

As for the haters, they never have truth as their mission to begin with, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

Although I do admit some of the headlines have been rather confusing, with even the Israeli Prime Minister seemingly making the same mistake.

But when it comes to defending the indefensible, you better be sure you at least know what you are actually supposed to be defending!

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