Gold! Neo Nazi Jason Kessler Humiliated By Own Father


When I meet antisemites online (which happens way too much, unfortunately), I joke that they are probably in their parents basement. The joke is based on an awareness that these are people failing at life.

I love it when I am proven right.

It seemed like the white nationalists could not get any more pathetic after their failed rally, but the Unite the Right 2 organizer Jason Kessler was scolded by his father during a live stream with a fellow neo-Nazi.

Kessler was streaming with Patrick Little, another pathetic white nationalist and failed U.S. Senate candidate, when his father interrupted.

“Hey!” Kessler’s father yelled. “ You get out of my room!”

“Sorry, I’m having an issue here,” Kessler tells Little.

“You got a drunk roommate there?” Little asks amused.

“Something like that….” Kessler says getting cut off by his dad again.

In typical Kessler fashion, he somehow finds a way to blame his father’s interruption on the Jews. “I’ve got somebody that supports Orthodox Israeli… we’re at a cross hairs on that stuff,” he says.

“I want this to stop in my room!” His father interrupts again. “This is my room, Jason, this is my room.”

“You’re not staying with an Orthodox Jew, are you?” Little asks.

“No it’s my father,” Kessler explains. “Basically the deal is my family watches American history channel… it’s constant anti-German propaganda.”

‘The Nazis, the Jews!,” Kessler mocks, trying to blame his father’s irritation on history documentaries.

Kessler then admits he lives with his family because of lawsuits. “I am paying for all of these lawsuits and I can’t afford to do that without staying with my family.”

He then adds that his family is “cucked.”

The video was reportedly from a June 28 live stream, but surfaced this week after the flopped “Unite the Right 2” rally in D.C., which only a handful of Kessler’s fellow basement dwellers attended.

“We’re at a cross hairs on that stuff” – I assume the dumbass meant “crossroads” but, dumbass.

For the record, I strongly suspect Kessler has Jewish blood; Kessler is a uber Jewish name.

Sucks to be him.

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