Patrick Stewart Won’t Vote Labour Again Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn


Acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart has boldly gone where no man has gone before…just kidding, he’s gone where more and more people are going, thanks to Jeremy Corbyn.

Sir Patrick Stewart says he probably won’t vote Labour again because of the direction Jeremy Corbyn has taken the party.

The Star Trek legend has been a Labour supporter since 1945 when he was 5 years old.

But now he says he finds it “difficult to understand what Labour really stands for or what it represents right now. It doesn’t feel like my party any more.”

Sir Patrick has previously spoken positively about Corbyn.

But he said when he finally met the Labour leader a few weeks ago, it was an awkward encounter.

“He was talking to a group of my friends after a theatre performance and I wandered up to join them,” he told the New European.

“Jeremy’s eye caught mine and he said ‘oh you’re looking very well’, and I made some light-hearted riposte along the lines of ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

“For some inexplicable reason, this annoyed him, and he shot back ‘you know, Patrick, you could just have said ‘thank you’ instead of making a joke out of it.” I couldn’t understand how he could take offence at such an utterly innocuous remark, and no one else could, and it made for rather an awkward silence.

“I just thought ‘oh well, I tried’, and, after a suitable interval, I discreetly headed off home.”

Maybe Corbyn had other issues with Stewart. Like his appreciation for Israel and Israelis.

Or perhaps he is not pleased with Stewart’s latest gig.

My Memory of Us was teased early last year, a heartfelt game with touching animation, based on real events that occurred during the Second World War. Now its creator, Juggler Games, has revealed an expanded trailer and announced that the game will feature narration from an appropriately revered individual: Patrick Stewart.

The story tells of a friendship between and boy and a girl in a Jewish ghetto in Poland, made during some of history’s darkest days. You venture outside, exploring what you can of your world now full of walls, decrees and exclusion, completing logic puzzles and looking for small pleasures along the way. The animation, reminiscent of old Disney cartoons, gives the gameplay even greater poignancy. “The story of My Memory of Us is a personal one to us, as our grandparents faced similar oppression World War 2. This game is our ode to them and the millions of others who lived and died during this time,” says Pawłowski.

I just wish when he met Corbyn, he had berated him for his antisemitic and terror-supporting ways, followed by telling him to stick it up his Deep Space Nine.

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