PLO – Time To Go

The palestinian authority is not happy.

Not happy at all.

And the reason they are not happy is because the US has closed down the PLO mission in Washington.

Saeb Erekat is outraged, as he usually is, citing the reason the US is closing down the mission is to “protect Israeli crimes.”

Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, was also upset, blathering on about “international law” and “human rights” – two completely foreign concepts to her.

As usual, the palestinians are presenting themselves as some kind of angelic force in the world who seek only truth and justice.

And as usual – they are wrong.

Because let’s talk about crimes. Let’s talk about international law. Let’s talk about human rights.

The palestinian authority is a terrorist entity that supports, promotes and encourages the murder of all Jews. It presents itself as some kind of reasonable political entity, but nothing is further from the truth.

It pays money to the families of terrorists, who have murdered innocent Jews and Israelis, including American citizens.

It honours people responsible for the blood of innocents on their hands by naming town squares after them and naming schools after them and treating them with the highest respect in their society.

It uses funds received from international organisations, including the United Nations, the Europeans and others to pay the salaries of these murderers. Money that should be used to educate children in peace, is rather used to indoctrinate them in hate.

Along with foreign groups, it helps to illegally fund and build Arab buildings on lands in Judea and Samaria in absolute violation of international laws.

It encourages and perpetuates the continued false narrative of the palestinian refugees – a group of people created for the dedicated purpose of flooding Israel in order to destroy the Jewish state.

It does not seek an end to the conflict, but rather for it to continue without end so that its corrupt leadership can continue to fleece the funds given to them by a naive world who have been suckered into believing they are victims. These are funds that do not find their way to ordinary people, but rather unelected dictators and corrupt officials.

Everything they have done is a crime, a violation of international law and an absolute slap in the face of human rights.

Rather than palestinians being outraged at their mission of hate being closed down, Americans should rather be outraged that a terrorist entity was allowed to have an office in the centre of the free world in the first place.


Justin Amler

Justin is obsessed with Israeli pickles and has used that knowledge in order to blog about Israel and the Jewish world. He gains great pleasure when his blogs are read by more than just his mother.

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