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Justin is obsessed with Israeli pickles and has used that knowledge in order to blog about Israel and the Jewish world. He gains great pleasure when his blogs are read by more than just his mother.

An Antisemite Being Antisemitic – What A Shock!

When you appoint and praise and promote and show admiration for Jew haters, you get... well Jew haters in power.

To BnB Or Not To BnB

Justin was faced with a choice yesterday

Why Anti-Zionists Are Absolutely Antisemites

The next time someone tells you that not all anti-zionists are antisemites, you can simply respond: You're wrong.

PLO – Time To Go

Everything they have done is a crime, a violation of international law and an absolute slap in the face of human rights.

My People Are Under Fire

There is real evil that sits on the footsteps of our Jewish state - evil that if unleashed, will cover the land with darkness and death

When Dirt Is More Precious Than Diamonds

While the Jews weep, the palestinians who want to 'liberate their land' and make it 'free,' continue to celebrate every bit of destruction they unleash

When Jewish Values Mean Something

We have to stand together now and draw strength from one another, because if we do so, then there is no force on earth that can ever break us apart.

It’s Party Time With Israel Apartheid Week!

It's Israel Apartheid Week - sponsored by great democracies like Iran, Syria, UNRWA and the UN!
image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

The Future Belongs To Us

29-year-old Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal did not die yesterday. He did not pass from this world in peace. He did not drift into an eternal blissful sleep. He was murdered. Savagely

The Fight They Should Be Having

What the Muslim world SHOULD be doing

The Reason The Palestinians Want An International Conflict

Why negotiate, when you can simply sit back and let the world scramble over each other to throw money at you.

Jewish Voice For Peace Is Not About Peace Or Justice

The last thing Jewish Voice for Peace is about... is about peace.

Have You Heard The Good News??

"Moderate" Mahmoud has some good news

The Saudi Peace Plan Is Not About Peace

A peace plan that does not lead to peace is not a peace plan at all
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