It’s Not Just News…It’s Personal

A guest post by Aryeh Green


Some of my Facebook friends – especially those who become friends recently because of the book – may not be aware how these events affect us as Israelis and Jews – every one of us.

The news itself about the murder of Ari Fuld by a “Palestinian“ Arab terrorist can be found in many places. As can the tributes to this magnificent Jew, Israeli, American, human being. But I want you to know that not only did thousands of Israelis attend the funeral a few nights ago — brown, white, black, Jewish, Muslim, and other — but thousands more sat at home glued to the TV or simply sitting alone in pain and grief.

This is not just another terrorist murder; we all feel it. On the one hand, it’s a small country: everyone knew, or knew someone who knew, Ari Fuld. He is our brother, our cousin, our kids’ teacher, the uncle of a friend of our daughter…. The fact that I met Ari a few times is irrelevant. Because on the other hand, on a deeper level, we Jews as a people are a tribe, a clan… a family. A member of our family has been brutally murdered, while going shopping… for simply being a member of our family.

If you read the news and just think “oh, another victim of terror“ you’ll miss the most profound and heart-wrenching, as well as uplifting, element of this story.

We sat a few nights ago in shock and grief, holding tight to our loved ones — to the other members of our family — and we mourn the loss of a true hero of the Jewish people, and of Israel, a believer in and fighter for the twin values of coexistence and security, acceptance of the other and defense of our legitimacy, shared by virtually all Israelis and Jews the world over.

This is not political: leaders of the radical left and the leading leftist parties and organizations have all condemned this horrific act of terror against a loving husband and father of four young children.

We are united in our grief. May we be united in our resolve to work towards real peace as well.

This is indeed not political: Anyone who justifies, or forgives, the indiscriminate murder of a civilian as an act of “resistance“ is not a member of our moral universe — in any religious or cultural framework.

That so many Arabs and Muslims (and their supporters around the world) allow and encourage the child abuse which is this culture of hatred leading young men to stab and shoot and bomb and run over innocent civilians is the real story behind this attack. When western leaders internalize this, we may yet have a hope for peace here.

Aryeh PhotoAryeh Green is the author of My Israel Trail, the chief strategy officer of EnergiyaGlobal, and the director emeritus of MediaCentral.

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