Latest Palestinian Libel: The Killing of The Elderly Dual-Identity Farmer


The palestinow Facebook page laments the “killing” of 72-year-old palestinian Ibrahim-Al-Arouqi, who looked like the average, loving grandfather. Well, except for the Hamas hat and scarf.

Quds News Network lament his “killing” as well. Except according to them, he was someone else – 72-year-old Ibrahim Nawwaf.

Note also how palestinow claimed we killed him after randomly opening fire at protesters at the fence, while Quds News Network claims he was killed after we opened fire at houses.

And the inconsistencies don’t end there. Palestinow report about the supposed killing on their website, claiming he was hit by a 250-mm bullet – fired by a tank.

Except there is no such thing as a 250-mm IDF tank bullet (confirmed with a military expert friend in the IDF). Note also how here, palestinow claim he was shot while in front of his house, which is “relatively far from the border fence” – even though in the Facebook post they claimed he was shot after we opened fire on protesters at the fence.

According to Ha’aretz, the Gaza Health Ministry say he was shot in the back – which I suggest would be difficult if he was sitting in front of his house as claimed above – unless he was sitting facing his house. Again, this does not seem kosher.

And in yet another version of what supposedly happened, Iran’s Press TV claims he was shot while working his land.

Add all of these inconsistencies to the fact that this has not even been reported by other palestinian news agencies like Ma’an and Wafa, and I am willing to bet this is yet another libel.

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