WATCH: ‘Shirley Temper’ Ahed Tamimi Explicitly Calls for Israel’s Destruction, Slapping Soldiers


Let me just start by saying really appreciate MEMRI and the work they do. And this next video of theirs, featuring young terror-supporter Ahed Tamimi, is valuable. Yet I feel they are burying the lede with their title Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi: We Should Slap Israeli Soldiers Whether They Did Anything or Not.

Leaving aside the fact “activist” is a kind word for her, her call to slap all soldiers, wherever they may be, regardless of whether they did anything or not, is not the main point to highlight here.

It is the part at the end that should send chills down the spine of all reasonable people, where she calmly and callously basically calls for Israel’s destruction.

My initial reaction to this:

Well, that and I guess she really wants to go back to prison. She must miss the good times and food.

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