Dave & Khomeinis?

By reader Eric


My wife and I took our 3-year-old son to Dave & Busters on Sunday for some greasy food, mindless video game fun, and all-around quality family time. As is customary, before we left, it was time to “cash in” the tickets-won for some typically useless piece of plastic that would bring nothing but joy and smiles to a toddler.

My son ran around trying to play with every toy, and I noticed they actually had something pretty cool on the top shelf. It was an electro magnetic levitating globe – and we had just enough tickets! My son is a big fan of all things space, and his room is decorated in kind. Perfect!

From the title of this post, you can probably guess what happened next. This toy (that is stamped permanently with the Dave & Busters logo as part of its packaging) made those chanting “Death to Israel” last week in Tehran proud. This wasn’t one of those situations where they included Israel and “Palestine.” Nope. They wiped Israel directly off the map a la Ahmadinejad leaving only the word “Palestine” in its place.

Now, let’s be clear about something. It’s not the largest globe by any means, and the names of several countries are left out. Among the missing include Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Ireland. They did, however, manage to include the Vatican, and they squeezed-in Germany over two lines written, “Germ -any.” One more oddity seeming to show this globe was perhaps a leftover from the Soviet Union – though the word “Russia” appears over the massive portion of the globe over which it belongs, it is also written a second time just above….wait for it….Poland! I don’t recall the “levitating globe espionage” episode of The Americans, so I’m going to go with just total incompetence on this one.

Incompetence or not, this globe is being potentially “won” and thereafter proudly displayed by hundreds or even thousands of kids at Dave & Busters across the country. Unless somehow the British mandate was reinstated while I was asleep last night, I’m pretty sure that little speck on the globe is, was, and always will be Israel. Want to go ultra-liberal and nauseatingly and ignorantly “PC?” You could AT LEAST put BOTH “Palestine” and Israel in place. But, no. Alas, Dave & Khomeinis did the Ayatollas proud and wiped us clear off the map.

All kidding aside, this is incredibly offensive and anti-Semitic Dave & Busters – FIX IT!

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