Shutterstock’s Peddling in Antisemitic Imagery


Shutterstock is a leading global technology company offering “a creative platform for high-quality assets, tools and services.” The company licenses images, video, music, and editorial assets — as well as custom content tailored to a brand’s needs.

Apparently these images include the outright antisemitic.

The images were discovered 5 days ago by a Twitter user, and reported the same day. This was their mind-boggling response:

The images were just removed 5 minutes before this post, but not before complaints about the foot-dragging were sent their way, as well as this equally bewildering response from Shutterstock:

The work of the photographer behind these obscene images remains on the site. What’s more, if you do a search for “Jew” within his portfolio, these are the results:

even though there is nothing Jewish about the lady in the photos, nor in the description.

And it seems as though there still may be some antisemitic images on the site

How did Shutterstock allow these images on their site to begin with? And why the need for a 5-day review? What is clear is that Shutterstock not only does not take Jew hatred seriously, but it has been peddling in it.

Update: And there’s more.


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