Bon Jovi Heading to Israel: “Israel Really Has a Special Audience!”


A few months ago, I posted how Bon Jovi were expected to be returning to Israel next year.

The band has now confirmed it.

As has lead singer Jon Bon Jovi.

And you may want to read on – unless you are Roger Waters of a fellow BDS-hole.

“Israel really has a special audience. The 2015 show was hugely memorable to us,” Bon Jovi told Israeli reporters via email. “The fans were absolutely incredible and amazing, there was an electric energy in the air.” The rocker said he doesn’t know any Hebrew yet, but added, “If someone wants to help me out, I would be very happy to greet the Israeli audience with some Hebrew on the stage!”

Bon Jovi said he’s expecting that “the band will be on top form and the energy will be high to celebrate our last show!”

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