Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh Outs Herself as Antisemite


Nina Burleigh is an American writer and journalist who currently writes for Newsweek as a National Politics Correspondent.

She has also just outed herself as a Jew hater.

For those who don’t know, Chabad is an Orthodox Jewish, Hasidic movement, known primarily for their Jewish outreach.

I am surprised given her job, she did not even attempt to hide the Jew hatred behind “anti-Zionist” language.

Please join me in contacting Newsweek to let them know who is in their employ.

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Update: Interestingly enough, after I was informed about her tweet

I wanted to check it for myself, but came up against this:

I do not recall ever having any interaction with her, so I assume this was a preemptive blocking.

Update: This is not the first time she has shown contempt for religious Jews.

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