Message to Israel Advocates Sharing Graphic Details of Ori Ansbacher’s Murder


Following the brutal murder of Israeli teen Ori Ansbacher, many Israel advocates have been releasing details of her murder currently under blackout.

I am not sure why; perhaps to get the “scoop”; perhaps they think there is a greater good in showing immediately the barbarity of the foe.

Misguided, much.

Whatever the reason, it is not justified. it is insensitive, devoid of common sense and repulsive.

A primary reason for the blackout is so that the family of the victim do not learn of such things from strangers on social media. A fair reason I would have thought – although perhaps some of you prefer to engage in conspiracy theories.

Just don’t. Stop. Breath. Think.

It is an unfortunate reality that our side has our share of a-holes. Luckily, almost all of them are not murderers and terrorists like the other side have, but still.

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