Israel Hater Jamie Craig Celebrates Murder of Ori Ansbacher


Meet Jamie Craig.

Although he looks constipated, what really gives him the sh*ts is anything to do with Israel. His hatred for us is intense (as is his hatred for the English language and proper spelling)

And how did Jamie come to my attention? I was notified of this comment to the Palestinian Information Center post announcing the murder of 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher.

Yet Jamie would like his friends to believe he feels the pain of parents who lose a child.

I guess not if they are Jews, ehhh, I mean Zionists.

According to his Facebook profile, Jamie is a cafe worker at Tesco.

I am also guessing that Jamie would not last very long in Gaza.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t last much longer at Tesco, who have already been notified about their vile employee.

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