Roger Waters’ Latest Crazy Rant


Roger Waters has released yet another rambling video in which he vents about Venezuela. And this one’s a real doozy!

Warning: contains alcohol use and puppetry.

Waters’ rank hypocrisy is on full display when he claims to be a great believer in the UN and the UN charter that says “sovereign nations should be inviolate to attack from outside.” This coming from a person who refers to Israel establishment, supported in the UN, as the “Nakba”, and seems to have no problem with the constant attacks on Israel by Arab armies and terror organizations. Note how he also complains about “dreadful sanctions” that have been used against “every single” Venezuelan, yet spends almost every waking hour trying to penalize every single Israeli for actions of our government with which he disagrees.


Roger, hands off the alcohol. It is not doing you any good.

Update: Separated at birth?


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