Palestinian Prisoner Idiocy of the Day


Israel has installed jamming devices in some Israeli jails to fight the smuggling of cell phones that enable Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners to transmit instructions for terror attacks from within the prison cells. And now the prisoners are complaining the devices are making them sick.

Palestinian prisoners are suffering from “depression, headaches and fainting” as a result of the jamming devices installed at a number of Israeli jails in which they are being detained, they said in a statement.

“The dangerous radiation” omitted by the devices are causing these symptoms, the statement continued, adding they fear this is just “the tip of the iceberg”.

Experts have said the devices can lead to “genetic deformities of human cells and cancer”. Forty prisoners who are battling cancer in Ras Al-Eid prison may have contracted the disease as a result of the devices, they added.

How they have measured the radiation of these devices and concluded the levels are dangerous – or even more than those of the smuggled-in cell phones – is beyond me.

Also beyond me: the reaction of the prisoners.

Eight Palestinian prisoners in Negev desert prison declared starting an open hunger strike to protest against jamming devices installed recently by the Israelis.

The prisoners started their hunger strike to protest against the Israeli intransigence regarding installing jamming devices, which cause cancer and have very bad effects on the prisoners’ health, who have already started having headache, according to the Palestinian prisoners’ information office.

Palestinian prisoners have declared a series of escalating procedures to protest against installing cancerous jamming devices. The procedures included “disbanding organisations”, which means that the prisoners’ leaders will no longer be responsible for anyone’s action and that the prison administrations should deal with each prisoner individually.

They also declared refusing the Israeli prisons’ food and refusing to visit the prisons’ clinics or taking their medication.

Let’s think about this for a second: prisoners are protesting something they say is causing them “headaches and fainting” with…things that will cause them headaches and fainting.

It is as if someone has jammed their ability to think rationally.

Update: Meanwhile, a site called Radiation Dangers is promoting an antisemitic conspiracy theory of Israel trying to exterminate mankind through 5G technology.

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