Iranians Caught With REALLY BAD Israeli Passport Forgeries


Some of you may have already heard about the Iranians arrested in Buenos Aires suspected of traveling on forged Israeli passports. They have been treated as possible terror suspects.

It turns out they were caught partly because their passports were clearly forged. I am sure you also read that, but perhaps you do not realize just how amateurish the forgeries were. Which is why I went over them and identified all the errors (although I suspect at least one of you will point out some I missed).

This would almost be hilarious if their aims were not so deadly – at least that it what I suspect, given they were found in the (very Jewish) Abasto area of the city.

The thing is, this is not even the first time the Iranians have done a half-assed job trying to pass someone off as Israeli. Remember that time they copied one directly from a facsimile of an Israeli passport on Wikipedia?

And there’s also those other terrible Iranian Photoshop jobs.

Unfortunately, what does not seem to be fake is their desire to wipe us off the map.

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