Iran Reaps What It Sows

According to Arutz Sheva, the Gazans admit that the rocket they fired wasn’t an “accident” as they claimed earlier and that they were acting on the orders from Iran.

After some Hamas officials claimed a rocket attack on central Israel early Monday morning which injured seven had been ‘accidental’ or caused by ‘bad weather’, senior officials in the Gaza-based terror organization and Egypt now say that the attack was intentional – and carried out at the behest of Iran, with the intention of altering the outcome of Israel’s upcoming general election.

A senior Hamas official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to Israel Hayom Tuesday that the rocket which struck the Wolf family home in the town of Mishmeret in central Israel Monday and injured seven Israelis had been fired at the urging of Tehran.

Now, if you look at what started happening in Iran after the Gazans started attacking yesterday, there are massive floods in Iran… it’s like they are getting a retaliation from nature for wishing destruction upon innocent people who mean them no harm.

Maybe that’s why Iranian Mullahs think that Israel somehow “controls the weather”… but bad things generally happen to those who wish bad things to others and they end up hurting themselves with their obsessive hate for others.

It could also be explained in some less mystical way… Iran just seemed so obsessed with trying to hurt others that they didn’t build proper drainage systems in their own country and the result was a massive flood.

I feel sorry for the innocent people in Iran. Many of the Iranians don’t support the Mullahs, and many of the Iranians aren’t anti-Israeli. But many are supportive of their Mullahs and they are causing those around them to suffer because of it. Instead of investing into improving the lives of their countrymen, they are “investing” in causing destruction and then they get the destruction in their own country from the nature.

People have been saying “What you sow you shall reap” for a very long time – they should keep that in mind.


Guest Poster