Where My Alma Mater UWA Offers a Course Containing Anti-Israel Indoctrination


I don’t speak too much about my background on this blog, but I will reveal some nuggets of information to you now. I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and after attending Carmel School (a Jewish school), I went to the University of Western Australia where I gained degrees in Law and Commerce (major: Finance). Although I never practiced law (I have worked in the oil and hi-tech industries), I feel I am utilizing my legal and advocacy skills through my pro-Israel activities.

I loved my time at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where I made life-long friends and felt I received a very good education. I cannot recall being on the receiving end of any antisemitic incidents or anti-Israel comments, despite being very outspoken when it came to being a proud Jew and lover of Israel.

I say all of this as a prelude to this: a course being offered at UWA for a postgraduate certificate in Fieldwork Practice, which includes the following core unit:

As part of the core unit of this course, students will travel to Camp Bickley and complete three days in a virtual reality environment that simulates an Israeli military roadblock in which students are sitting in an armoured 4WD among diplomatic envoys who get shot at to stop them driving forward and they get to see the chaos first hand of a live situation and analyse what went wrong and are taught how to improve the performance and safety in this situation.

Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp is located in the South East Metropolitan Region of Perth, Western Australia.

To say this is blatant anti-Israel bias is stating the obvious. Out of any situation they could simulate for students, this is what they have chosen? And besides the checkpoint scenario, what’s the deal with being shot at? Since when has a diplomatic envoy ever been shot at by IDF forces?

Biased and false. This is vile propaganda masquerading as an education.

I am taking this rather personally and will be following up. Watch this space. In the meantime, here are the contact details of the course coordinator:

Telephone: +61 8 6488 1890

Email: [email protected]

Thanks to my friend Andrew for alerting me to this.

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