University of Exeter Student Guild’s Morally Bankrupt Statement on Jack Morewood


Last week, I posted how the NUS candidacy of University of Exeter Student Jack Morewood was suspended, all because he committed the crime of congratulating Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu on winning the Israeli election at the NUS Conference. His candidacy was later reinstated.

Now the University of Exeter Student Guild has come out with a statement. You can file it under You Have to Be F*cking Kidding Me.

Statement on Delegate Reinstatement

NUS Delegates are elected by students based on their manifesto, and although Jack Morewood represented the Students’ Guild as an NUS Delegate at the NUS National Conference 2019, his views and actions on stage that caused his suspension do not reflect those of the Guild, or of the manifesto he was elected on by the student body.

Following Jack’s actions, the Guild President and lead delegate reiterated to Jack that he is a representative of the whole student body, and that he is expected to consider their views in what he says and does at conference. There is no place in our institution or in the national movement for hateful comments that may harm or isolate the students that we represent.

To break this down for you..

Congratulating a democratically elected leader of another country: hateful comments.

Screaming out “Free free Palestine” (a call for the destruction of an entire country): nothing to see here, move along.

As a reminder, this is how you can let them know how you feel:

University of Exeter email: [email protected].

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