Australian Labor Candidate Wayne Kurnoth Peddles in Jewish Shape-Shifting Lizard Conspiracy Theories


UK Labour Party: We have crazy antisemites in our party

Australian Labor Party: Hold our beer.

Labor Northern Territory Senate candidate Wayne Kurnoth is expected to stand aside this morning after it was revealed by The Australian that he shared an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that claims the world is being run by a secret ­society of Jewish shape-shifting lizards.

Labor sources told The Australian last night that Mr Kurnoth ­acknowledges that what he did was unacceptable.

After being counselled by senior Labor figures, he said he didn’t want to be a distraction to the party and would stand down.

His name will remain at the No 2 spot on Labor’s NT Senate ticket because ballot papers have already been printed.

Mr Kurnoth shared a video of British lecturer David Icke on his Facebook page in December 2015.

In the video, Mr Icke preaches his anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that an inter-dimensional race of giant Jewish lizards has hijacked the Earth and is stopping humanity from realising its true potential.

He claims American presidents, royalty and the Rothschild family are descendants of these reptiles.

Labor successfully campaigned to ban Mr Icke from coming to Australia earlier this year.

Mr Kurnoth also shared an image in October 2016, made by a fake news website, that spouts Mr Icke’s conspiracy that “Rothschild Zionists’’ secretly run the world by controlling the media, Hollywood, governments and global finance.

The Labor candidate was forced to apologise on Friday for posting an Islamic State-inspired image online depicting Malcolm Turnbull severing the head of ABC journalist Emma Alberici. His Facebook page was deleted that afternoon.

When asked about Mr Kurnoth on Friday, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten described him as “incredibly stupid” but refused to disendorse him as a Labor ­candidate.

I’m just surprised he didn’t claim the Jewish shape-lifting lizards took Lindy Chamberlain‘s baby.

This dingo drongo clearly has Ayers Rocks in his head.

Update: Wayne Kurnoth seems to be an appropriate name – without the “noth” part!

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