The Hebrew-Speaking, Lover of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu…From Saudi Arabia


Remember the Saudi man who loves Israel so much, he uploaded a video of himself singing an Israeli song?

Well, there’s another Saudi lover of Israel in town (hat tip: Yoel).

His name is Mohammed Saud, and a look at his Twitter timeline shows Israel on his mind – you needn’t even scroll down to the tweets themselves to see that.

The tweets reveals someone who is not only a fan of Israel, but also of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu – and even his son Yair.

But there’s more.

I recently discovered Mohammed Saud a young Saudia Arabian citizen who defends Israel and the Jewish people. He spends much of his free time learning and interacting with Israelis online. Using social media, he voices his support for Israel and his dream for peace in the Middle East, and he condemns Iran and the Palestinians for sowing discord in the region. He sends dozens of tweets a day, many of which are in Hebrew, a language he painstakingly taught himself and in which he is almost fluent. He also makes videos in support of Israel and sings Hebrew songs, which he posts on YouTube and Twitter. He even has his own views on Israeli politics and is an ardent supporter of Bibi Netanyahu, who showed one of his videos at a Likud event.

His video also caused Jamal Rayyan, a Palestinian news anchor at Al Jazeera, to call on the Saudi authorities to look into Mohammed’s views. This in turn caused a torrent of hate against Mohammed online, which was met by an outpouring of support from Jews, Israelis and supporters of Israel.

I’ve always held different opinions from most people. I just think differently. But I would say that the catalyst for my views was really the semester I spent at Missouri State University five years ago. It’s very common for Saudi young people to study abroad. The reason I was there for only one semester was that I developed health issues that forced me to return to Saudi Arabia. But during my time there I got to know more about other religions like Judaism and Christianity, and I realized that we had a lot more in common than I thought. There was also a Jewish teacher who helped me greatly when my health problems arose.

“My worldview changed from interacting with all kinds of good people. It made me realize that there was no reason for any of the conflict and hatred that are unfortunately very common in the Middle East. I also learned that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that allows people to live in freedom, and that many of the things I thought I knew about the Palestinian issue weren’t true.

“That’s when I started to learn Hebrew, listening to Jewish music and talks on YouTube. I am totally in love with Hebrew. I spend most of my time studying it. I’m still a beginner, but I am very determined and believe that I will one day master the language. I particularly enjoy chazzanut and Yemenite music, which is very similar to the music in my country. One of my favorite people to listen to is Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, who is very easy for me to understand because he’s a Yemenite. The first time I heard him, I was sure he was an Arab.”

“We cannot remain silent when Israel is attacked. The world says that Israel is killing Palestinians. If Israel’s goal was to kill Palestinians, they could wipe Gaza off the map in under an hour. But Israel doesn’t do things like that. In my opinion, the IDF is the best army in the world, both in the way its soldiers are trained and in the extreme measures it takes to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties. I want the people of Israel to know that my heart is with them.”

Read the entire interview.

Mohammed dreams of one day visiting Israel. Here’s hoping he realizes that dream in the near future.

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