Two Deir Qaddis-Related Stories, One Important Lesson


Ynet News reports:

A Palestinian man from the West Bank is accused of raping a 7-year-old Jewish girl from one of the Israeli settlements in the area, according to the charges filed against him at the Ofer military court on Sunday.

The police said the suspect, from the town of Deir Qaddis near Ramallah, worked as a janitor at a school which the young victim was attending and had groomed her for a long time before committing the attack.

The suspect allegedly established a relationship with the girl by bringing her gifts and sweets. According to the indictment, one day the suspect forcefully led the 7 year old into one of the houses in the area and sexually assaulted her before letting the victim go.

The man was charged with rape under aggravated circumstances, assault and kidnapping.

I had two immediate reactions to this report.

  1. The one most, if not all, of you probably had – horror, disgust and anger
  2. A buzzing of my Spidey senses at the mention of Deir Qaddis

Didn’t we just hear about Deir Qaddis?

Yes, I believe we did.

It was the village at which Jews joined Arabs in revelry at the engagement party of the village chief’s son, leading to immense anger from Fatah, who announced that the head of the village council had been removed from their ranks of Fatah, and demanded his resignation.

Yet I am not hearing anything about Fatah condemning this horrifying attack. And they won’t. Because to them, coexistence between Arabs and Jews is the abomination, and the rape of a 7-year-old Jewish girl by an Arab is business as usual.

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