Heartwarming Scenes of Coexistence…Unless You Are the Palestinian Leadership

Heartwarming scenes as young religious Jews have danced at the engagement party of the son of the chief of the palestinian Arab village of Deir Qaddis. Because on a person-to-person basis, we truly can all get along.


Feels good, right?

Ok, now allow me to go all Buzz Killington on you:

A video released Friday morning on the social networks, showing young Jews wearing yarmulkes dancing the night before at the engagement party of the son of the chief of the village of Deir Qaddis, 10 miles west of Ramallah in Samaria, has caused a storm in Palestinian Authority social networks as well as among PLO officials, TPS reported.

The video shows the young Jews, in typical white shirts and hanging, loose fringes, dancing under PLO flags to the sounds of Arab music, alongside dozens of young people from the village.

A few of the Jewish guests were even raised on the shoulders of their Arab hosts.

Before the dancing began, TPS noted, the Jewish guests gave the bridegroom a sum of money as an engagement gift.

The Fatah terrorist group which is in control of the PA, on Friday morning posted flyers around the village announcing that the head of the village council, Nasser Radi, has been removed from the ranks of Fatah, and demanding that he resign his post.

Another leaflet was issued by the local branch of Fatah declaring that “in the shadow of the American Zionist attack on the Palestinian people and the threats of normalization between the Arab world and the Israeli occupation, and Trump’s deal of the century, which is trying to revive the Zionist dream of establishing a Jewish state, Fatah condemns this harmful behavior, which is contrary to Palestinian national consensus, and warns the local residents against the recurrence of such an incident.”

In response to the threats, a terrified Chief Radi issued a heartfelt apology on his Facebook page, in which he swore to Allah that he was not aware of the Israelis’ participation in the engagement ceremony, and that as soon as he found out about it he threw them out and his son even interrupted his engagement party.”

Chief Radi clarified: “These are guests who were invited by their friends, young people from the village, who work with them in a garage in the area. I swear to Allah that I did not know about their presence.”

A PA security source told TPS that the PA police had launched an investigation, on the grounds that inviting Israelis to an Arab village constituted a threat to their lives under the current tense situation.

The PA’s worst nightmare is when Jews and palestinian Arabs get along. It endangers them and their hate mongering industry.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media