Antisemite Mahathir Mohamad Defends His Right to Be Antisemitic

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad aka Mahitler spoke yesterday at the World Leaders Forum at Columbia University. When an audience member (also a member of Students Supporting Israel) called him out for his past, blatant antisemitic remarks, Mahitler apologized and said he had been misconstrued. He was only criticizing Israel.

Just kidding. That’s not how Mahitler rolls.

“I’m exercising my right to free speech. Why is it that I can’t say something against the Jews while other people may say things about me, about Malaysia, and I didn’t protest. I didn’t demonstrate….

“Well, I have not disputed them [numbers of Jews killed during the Holocaust], but I have said that ‘Who determined these numbers?’ If it is somebody who is in favor, you get one figure, if somebody who is against, you get another figure. So I accept that there was a Holocaust, that there were many Jews killed, and in fact at one time I was very sympathetic towards them during the war, when you were not around, but I was around at that time.”

In fact, so proud of his reply was he that it was tweeted out from his Twitter account

posted it from his Facebook page

and the above YouTube video of the answer is from his YouTube account.

A very evil, twisted man but at least he is honest about his Jew hatred. Unlike the majority of antisemites these days who seem determined to hide behind “anti-Zionism.”

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