WATCH: Heartwarming Offer From Jersey City Man To The Kosher Deli Attack Victims’ Families


Yesterday I posted a heartwarming news story about Orthodox Jews raising money for the family of Detective Joseph Seals, one of the victims of the Jersey City kosher deli attack.

Now I bring you another heartwarming video, this time made by Douglas Harmon, an African American man, who has been working for Orthodox Jews for a while now.

Yet another example as to how communities are not monolithic; every community has its good people and bad people, and we should all avoid the trap of painting everyone with the same brush just because of some bad eggs. This is especially important for us to realize with rising tensions between the Jewish and African-American communities, stoked by the likes of Linda Sarsour and other ‘woke’ individuals playing identity politics.

Update: Yup, mensch.


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