Photo of the Day: When Maps Didn’t Lie


The following photo was posted last week on Facebook by the London Free Press (hat tip: Ashley).

Rev. A.C. Forrest speaks to grade 6 classes at Kensal Park Public School. Left to right: Peter Bambury, Lori Johannes, D.E. Innes, Angela Messner, Dr. Forrest and Ricky Brydon, 1969. (London Free Press)

I’m not sure they make maps like that anymore (at least not for public schools).

But don’t think the Rev A.C Forrest was teaching the students anything positive about Israel – he was a raving antisemite.

The Observer, is edited by Rev. A.C. Forrest who has been condemned by many Canadian clergymen for anti-Israel pro-Arab bias. It has consistently carried articles unfavorable to Israel.

One of three Protestant church publications in Canada has omitted an indirect slurring reference to American Jews in printing a report by Rev. Forrest on the hardships and deprivations of an Arab Christian refugee family in Bethlehem. Rev. Forrest, who is on a year’s Middle East assignment and is based in Beirut, made derogatory references to “fat Florida friends” who disregarded “hunger” in Bethlehem and spoke of “jewelry hoarders.” There was no direct citation of Jews but observers felt the implication was clear. His “Christmas story” appeared in the “Observer” and in the Anglican “Canadian Churchman” and “Presbyterian Record.” but the “Record” unlike the other publications, deleted his apparent slurs. In a previous story, Rev. Forrest spoke of living under the “hard Israel’s boot.”

Forrest, in his book The Unholy Land and in his numerous articles and editorials on the Middle East, championed the Palestinian cause and routinely circulated unfair and outrageous accusations against Israel and the Jews. His article, “How Zionists Manipulate Your News,” published in March 1969, provoked B’nai Brith to launch a libel lawsuit that was later settled out of court.

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