Antisemitic Rag Electronic Intifada Gives Platform to Amnesty Researcher Who Sicced Hamas on to Peace Activist

How low will Ali “Abumination” Abunimah and his Electronic Intifada rag go? At least as low as a Hamas terror tunnel (which they no doubt support, by the way).

In the latest display of their depravity, they have published a piece from Hind Khoudary, the Amnesty International researcher who sicced Hamas on to Gazan peace activist Rami Aman (who is still missing since Hamas detained him).

In it, she justifies ratting him out to Hamas and portrays herself as the real victim.

I was angry. I expressed my anger, clearly and directly, to Aman, who blocked me.

I tagged three Hamas officials on social media. “Hopefully this nonsense ends as soon as possible,” I wrote them.

This, it would seem, was my biggest mistake – at least for those who read a New York Times article and have since called me everything under the sun.

To give you a taster, these are just a tiny fraction of the angry comments made and messages I received after The New York Times story ran.

“I would wipe that smile on her face after seeing her jobless,” wrote one. “You are an animal, betraying sick, sadistic beast, really you are garbage,” another found the courage to message.

“I hope you lead a lonely miserable life,” said a third, while another simply commented: “Shame on Hind Khoudary.”

To be clear: I did not tag Hamas officials to ensure that they knew the meeting took place, as The New York Times reported. Aman himself noted during the Zoom meeting that Hamas was aware of his activities.

I tagged them still less for the authorities to arrest Aman.

I am no particular friend of Hamas. I am not Hamas. I was also arrested in March 2019 after covering protests in Gaza against Hamas rule.

I was accused of being a spy and an agent for unknown international parties. I was barred from working for five months after that.

While Aman broke the rules – he was arrested according to Article 153 of the Revolutionary Penal Code of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) of 1979 – arresting people like him (or me, for that matter) won’t make a difference.

Banning the kind of activities Aman is engaged in may, however, make a difference. That is why I tagged the officials.

The New York Times article made it appear as if, first, Hamas was not aware of this meeting, which was promoted on Facebook, and second, that I wanted him arrested.

By the way, she changed her story as to why she tagged the Hamas-holes. She had previously claimed it was because Rami had been released after being detained following previous “normalization activities,” so wanted clarification from them as to how this was still going on.

Of course, she has since deleted her Facebook account, but not before I had screenshotted her post.

Khoudary is anti-peace and wants the destruction of the state of Israel. This is why she found a willing platform provider in Abumination and his Electronic IntiSchmatte .

Update: Evil and proud


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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