Fake News Alert: Arutz Sheva Impersonator Site Reports Israeli Special Forces Dispatched to US to Help Control Protests


A site purporting to be Arutz Sheva today posted this report, suggesting Israel is interfering in US domestic affairs:

It would seem their motive in doing so is to create more animosity towards Israel.

The URL of the site www.israelnationalnews.net is slightly different from Arutz Sheva’s (www.israelnationalnews.com), although it looks almost identical and has mirrored their stories.

Eagle-eyed Israellycool reader Yosef Hartuv smelled a rat with the report and noticed the URL difference. He contacted Arutz Sheva, who have now posted about it.

And apparently this is not the first time.

Previously, the operation posed as Arutz Sheva to publish a false article apparently aimed at spreading misinformation about Israel’s involvement in the ongoing political turmoil in Venezuela.

Yet more proof as to how low the haters will go.

Update: The image used in the fake story is from a US Department of Defense website, and shows Federal Air Marshals (hat tip: Brad).

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