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Latest Half-Baked Anti-Israel Libel

Palestinian and anti-Israel websites have been reporting how we unjustly closed down a 60-year-old palestinian bakery

The Nasty Truth About Palestinian Bulldozer ‘Jesus’

Yesterday, anti-Israel hate sites like Quds News Network accused Israel of murdering a palestinian and using a bulldozer to mutilate his body. But what really happened?

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Baby in the Box Edition

A palestinian "journalist" has tweeted this heartbreaking photo from Gaza. Except it isn't.

Terror Promoter Janna Jihad Gets Scolded By Some of Own Supporters For Spreading Obvious...

Where an Israel-hater's lie is too obvious even for her own groupies

Rashida Tlaib Refuses to Apologize for Disseminating Antisemitic Blood Libel

She saw Hanan Ashrawi's apology. She understood what she had tweeted was not based on fact. There was one thing congresswoman Rashida Tlaib had to do.

George Galloway Doubles Down on Antisemitic Blood Libel

Regarding whether or not George is antisemitic, I will allow this latest video to do the talking

Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: Buried Alive Edition

Another day, another lie

Even Quds News Network Retracts Blood Libel

Definitely a flying pig moment

Rashida Tlaib, Hanan Ashrawi and George Galloway Among Those Disseminating Blood Libel

They say a lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes. Today, one did while me and other observant Jews around the world were offline for the Jewish Sabbath.

Deir Yassin: Grist for the Palestinian Fauxtography Mill

The haters continue to take photos from massacres around the world and maliciously try to pass them off as from Deir Yassin

Latest Libel: Israel Tried to Assassinate Palestinian Archibishop Attalla Hanna

The palestinian media and haters have gone into overdrive to disseminate a story about pro-terrorist palestinian Archibishop Attalla Hanna, reporting claims that Israel tried to assassinate him.

Palestinian Propaganda Site Resurrects Old Report to Demonize Israel Ahead of Christmas

In time for Christmas, an anti-Israel propaganda website called Palestine Post 24 is trying to stoke up resentment from Christians against Israel by reporting about a church arson

If This Palestinian Libel is True, Then I am a Monkey’s Uncle

Meet Samer Owaida, a Chicago-based "palestinian" activist and clearly a master liar.


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