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Inflammatory Libel: Israel Set Al-Aqsa Mosque on Fire, Which Jews Then Celebrated

Yesterday, a number of Israel-haters made some very dangerous allegations, claiming Israel had attacked Al Aqsa mosque
btselem tweet

Did Jewish “Settlers” Really Torch Palestinian Arab Fields in Burin?

Last night B'Tselem claimed that "settlers" had torched palestinian fields in Burin. But is that what really happened?

Latest Libel: IDF Murdered 60-Year-Old Rihab Zaoul in Cold Blood

The Palestinian Information Center (and others) have alleged the IDF shot an elderly palestinian Arab woman in cold blood.
not jizkiahu ben david

Antisemites Allege Jews Have Anointed a Messiah Called Jizkiahu Ben David

A number of YouTube channels had uploaded videos claiming the Jews proclaimed a guy called Jizkiahu Ben David as the Messiah

Latest Libel: Jewish Settlers Seized Palestinian Buildings in Silwan, Jerusalem

Turkey's Anadlou Agency and others report how "Israeli settlers seized control" of palestinian-owned buildings and land in Silwan
Munir Anabtawi

AJ+ Scores “Own Goal” With Attempted Hatchet Job on Israeli Police

AJ+ has come out with a video about the shooting death of mentally ill Arab Munir Anabtawi, which inadvertently shows how his family is lying
Munir Anabtawi

Latest Libel: Israeli Police Murdered Mentally Ill Palestinian

Anti-Israel websites and social media accounts are accusing Israel of murdering a mentally ill palestinian Arab in cold blood

On The Detainment of Those Palestinian Kids “Foraging For Vegetables”

The mainstream media has gone mad over the story over the IDF detaining five palestinian Arab children near the Havat Maon outpost

Latest Libel: Israel Fired Rocket on Gazan Fishermen at Sea

Three palestinian Arab fishermen have been killed in an explosion off the coast of Gaza, and haters are blaming Israel.
thieves video

Latest Libel: Settlers Disguised as Police Robbed Palestinian Arab Store Owner

Israel-haters have disseminated a video of thieves disguised as police officers robbing a palestinian Arab, calling them "settlers"
purim revellery

Latest Libel: Dancing, Drunk Jews At Entrance of Al Aqsa Mosque

The following video - supposedly of drunk Jews up at Al Aqsa mosque - is being disseminated by anti-Israel social media accounts
car ramming attack

Mainstream Media Promotes Anti-Israel Propaganda Masquerading As Forensic Analysis

Regarding Forensic Architecture's report in collaboration with Al-Haq titled “The Extra-Judicial killing of Ahmad Erekat"

Latest Libel: Israeli Police Stole Goods From Palestinian Street Markets

Robert Inlakesh is a so-called journalist, whose resume includes a who's-who of anti-Israel sites, including Mint Press, Mondoweiss, MEMO, TRT World, RT, and Iran's...

Where Even Quds News Network Shows Up Claims Israel Killed Millions of Palestinian Arabs

A few weeks ago, I rebutted the libel being disseminated by haters that Israel has killed millions of palestinian Arabs. As I pointed out in...
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