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Latest Libel: The ‘Palestinian Child Burned By White Phosphorus’

The following meme was posted by an Israel hater in response to the video of an Israeli woman during a Red Alert. Naturally, it is a lie.

Latest Libel: The Case of the Arresting Facebook Comment

Was a a 22-year-old palestinian woman arrested in Hebron over a Facebook comment?

The Latest Libel That We Need Like a Hole in the Head

The Facebook page Prophet Muhammad - SAW, the greatest man in history might not have the catchiest title, but it does have close to have a million 'likes.' It also has quite the hatred of Israel, as this recent post illustrates

Bad Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Orange is the New Black Edition

Quds News Network has posted a report about supposed Israeli mistreatment of female palestinian Arab prisoners

Another Libel? The Case of the Fire Truck Delay

I believe this is yet another pernicious lie

Venezuelan Government TV Network Disseminates Israel Organ Harvesting Blood Libel

Yet another blatant lie spread, in order to demonize the Jewish state

Quds News Network Quietly Removes Libel Following My Post

Quds News Network have quietly removed a post, after I pointed out to them (and the world) that the photo is actually of the IDF removing Jews (for benefit of palestinian Arabs)


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