Pet Store Publicly Shames Customer as “Racist” for Being Pro-Israel and Anti-Terrorism

From the Catwalk Pets & Rescue FB page

This next story is CRAZY.

CatWalk Rescue is a pet shop & rescue centre in Ilford, UK.

It has been on the receiving end of more than one accusation of selling animals with health problems. A reader told me one of her friends bought a dog from there, which was “beset by a ridiculous long list of health problems.”

I won’t make any claims as to the validity of the accusations, since I do not know. The point is that some customers have not been happy and feel the store is to blame.

One such customer complained about the health problems of the dog they received (it is not clear to me whether the complaints were done directly to the store owner or publicly on social media). In response, the store posted a diatribe on their Facebook page against her, suggesting she is racist and that she started her “hate campaign” because the owner is Muslim.

And here’s the kicker. In order to prove the customer is racist and anti-Muslim, they posted screenshots of some of her posts, in which it is clear she supports Israel and speaks out against terrorism!

Bonus: they use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.


Here are examples of the posts they included as “proof” customer Janice is an Islamophobe:

The good news is that I hear police and CST are now involved. Also, no love for the store in the comments section to this appalling post.

Yeah, I warned you this was crazy.

Here’s hoping the store is made to pay for this vile attack on an aggrieved customer.

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