Missionary Channel Shelanu TV Has Its License Suspended


Great news, with those trying to convert Jews in Israel to Christianity suffering a blow.

The license of Shelanu TV, the Hebrew-language Christian evangelical TV channel which has been accused of seeking to proselytize in Israel, has been suspended.

Shelanu TV, owned by parent company God TV, began broadcasting in Israel on the Hot cable network at the end of April after it received a license from the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting earlier this year.

But when exposure of the kind of content broadcast on God TV, including comments by channel CEO Ward Simpson about the importance of bringing people to embrace Christianity as well as a strong reaction by then communications minister David Amsallem, the council threatened to suspend Shelanu TV’s license, pending a review by the council into Hot’s contract with the channel.

Council chairman Asher Biton wrote to the Hot company on Thursday informing him that the license had been suspended since, he argued, Shelanu TV was addressing itself to Jews as its target audience and not to Christians in Israel as he said had been written in the license request.

The Council requested submissions from Shelanu TV and Hot to explain their position, but Biton said that after reviewing their responses the answers did not satisfy the concern that “the broadcasts of the channel are incommensurate with the license granted in April, and therefore there is no alternative but to suspend the channel’s license and take if off the broadcast schedule

Hot is able to appeal the decision if it so wishes.

God TV, which reaches some 300 million homes around the world, is dedicated to preaching the Christian gospel and the task of the “Great Commission,” a doctrine in Christian theology to gain disciples for Christianity and to preach the religion.

And in case you were still in any doubt about their intentions

It does not get much clearer than that.

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