REPORT: Antisemitic Video of “Rabbi” Speaking About Putting Human Parts into McDonalds Beef


The following video purporting to be an interview with a Rabbi, is still on YouTube, despite containing some of the most antisemitic content you will ever hear (hat tip: Line).

Here is a sample:

It goes without saying this is fake. But if any of you reading this now are not informed, and have somehow found this post from a Google Search or the like, here is one bit of proof for you: the guy pictured is not “Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein” (who does not exist except as a fake character invented by Jew-haters); rather he is a lawyer called Kenneth Feinberg.

As of the time of this post, the video has over 167,000 views, with 2.8.k likes vs 246 dislikes (including my one). The comments reinforce the idea that there are plenty of people falling for this hook, line and sinker.

Please join me in reporting it. There have to be some limits to free speech, and this most certainly crosses the line.

Update: Someone recently uploaded a video debunking this.


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