Anti-Israel Libel: A Translation of Israel’s National Anthem ‘Hatikvah’


An anti-Israel Facebook page called I Hate Israel The Root of Terrorism (not the catchiest title, I know) has published a post showing what they claim is a translation of the Israeli national anthem Hativkah.

In fact, this supposed translation has been making the rounds for a while.

Naturally, it is an outright lie. The first clue should have been how there are 8 short lines in Hebrew but somehow 13 long ones in their English translation.

Here is the real translation:

As long as in the heart within,
The Jewish soul yearns,
And toward the eastern edges, onward,
An eye gazes toward Zion.

Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope that is two-thousand years old,
To be a free nation in our land,
The Land of Zion, Jerusalem

By the way, here are some of the lyrics of the palestinian national anthem Fida’i.

Warrior, warrior, warrior,
Oh my land, the land of the ancestors
Warrior, warrior, warrior,
Oh my people, people of eternity

With my determination, my fire and the volcano of my vendetta
With the longing in my blood for my land and my home
I have climbed the mountains and fought the wars
I have conquered the impossible, and crossed the frontiers

With the resolve of the winds and the fire of the weapons
And the determination of my nation in the land of struggle
Palestine is my home, and the path of my triumphal
(Palestine is my home, Palestine is my fire,)
Palestine is my vendetta and the land of withstanding

By the oath under the shade of the flag
By my land and nation, and the fire of pain
I will live as a warrior, I will remain a warrior,
I will die as a warrior – until my country returns


So back to their question:

Who were the original terrorists, the beheadings, and the bloody ones?

I think we all know the answer.

Hat tip: Michal

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