Jew-Hater Joachim Martillo’s Hilarious Response to My Post Exposing His Antisemitism

Vile Jew-hater Joachim Martillo published on Facebook this response to my post exposing his vile Jew hatred.

This “obsession” allegation is a common refrain of the Jew-haters. I hate to break it to them, but they are a blip on my radar once I have exposed their posts and moved on to the next antisemite. I know about this post of his only after a reader alerted me to it.

He also seems to lack self-awareness; on one hand inventing a perverted, barf-inducing claim about me, before whining about supposed “Jewish sexual dysfunction.”

At least he realizes he looks terrible in the photo. People ugly on the inside tend to transmit to their physical appearance too. So I am sure he still looks like a demented goblin.

As for his surmise that I am “too dumb successfully to embed tweets in a blog essay,” I embed tweets all the time. But in the case of Jew-haters who are likely to have their Twitter accounts suspended, or delete tweets out of cowardice, I use screenshots.

Plus if you are going to call me dumb, it is probably best not to refer to a blog post as a “blog essay.”

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