Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Joachim Martillo (Boston, MA)

Meet Joachim Martillo.

A f***ing ray of sunshine as evident from his photo, Martillo operates the Twitter account AffleckSW

from where he spouts bile against “Zios” and the state of Israel

So much so, he openly supports Hamas

and advocates for all “Zionists” to be arrested and tried and put to death.


and, uh,

with Israel being dismantled

Clearly, unlike his face in a “military grade keffiyeh,” Martillo really has a hard time containing his Jew hatred.

He denies the Jews their history

attacks and mocks Judaism

and generally beats up on Jews

even blaming the Holocaust on us and making us out to be equal to or even worse than the Nazis

This is only a small sample of his bile. And he has been at this for a long time.

So odious is Martillo, that even Philip Weiss of anti-Israel rag Mondoweiss wrote about him. As did Israel-hater Norman Finkelstein:

I did a quick google search for the “renounce being Jewish” quote.
Here’s what I found: Radio Islam (whatever the hell that is) has a
page that comments (favorably) on and quotes from The Holocaust
Industry .
On the page are some links to other Radio Islam pieces. One of them
is entitled “Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to
renounce being Jewish.” If you click the link, you find that the
quote is from some guy named Joachim Martillo, whose claim to fame is
that he’s the husband of someone named Karin Friedemann.

And it gets better (or worse). Martillo claims to be the descendant of a great Rabbi

Not that it stops him from mocking his own supposed relatives

Old articles on other websites and blogs claim he has gone by different names and ethnic identities over the years.

Likewise with his professions. He has been portrayed as a “financial analyst”, and has himself called himself an inventor who created key cloud computing tech. According to this blog, “Martillo claims to be a Physicist, Screenwriter, Financial Analyst, Inventor, Electrical Engineer, and on and on.”

Perhaps “wannabe lawyer” should be added; He has tried suing Twitter for supposedly libeling him, and is currently working on “waging lawfare on behalf of Palestine”

Despite being oh-so-qualified, a few years ago he begged for money via a GoFundMe

I lived in 1 Allston St #3 with my 8 & 11 year old daughters. Over the weekend of January 6-7, we were forced out of our apartment by the fire at 7 Allston St. I don’t have a job and am looking for one. I had a disability (attacks of severe debilitating vertigo that made it hard to leave my apartment and that made it dangerous for me to drive).

My doctor found a treatment around January 10th that seems to have eliminated the vertigo. Even though my sense of balance returned, I still need some physical therapy.

The building is going to be renovated, but the renovation will take approximately a year. Because we can’t return to our apartment, we needed to relocate to someplace on the subway system.  I found a place on Bailey St. near the Ashmont T Station, but coming up with the 1st month, last month, security, and agents’ fee drained me. We lost our clothes and almost everything else. Laser surgery caused some visual defect in my left eye, and my depth perception is questionable. Even without the vertigo, I still am not able to drive. More surgery may correct the problem with my left eye (an $8000 implant that is “buy and bill” under my insurance coverage).

I estimate about $10,000  is needed to relocate and replace everything that was lost.  (EHAP helps with some of the cost of the new apartment while I am not counting the cost of the implant because I am still negotiating.)

It is amazing how quickly the little money that I have is being spent.

Help with finding a job would alleviate my financial needs. I am a senior software engineer or a patent agent. You can find my qualifications at the following URL.

I know my stuff, but this disaster is just too much, and my daughters and I need help. 100% recovery is expected from the eye surgery along with the implant.

While vertigo no longer prevents me from driving, I can’t drive with no depth perception.

I need help immediately.

He seems to be quite the loser.

Joachim, thanks for playing Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite. Unfortunately, you lose again!

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