Latest Libel: ‘Settlers’ Beat a Palestinian Father to Death


A few days ago, a number of anti-Israel websites and social media accounts accused “Israeli settlers” of beating palestinian Arab Abdul-Fattah Obeiat


This has not been mentioned anywhere else, which is telling, because the Israeli media would be all over this if it was true.

Which it is almost certainly not.

For a start, while the above and others claim he was beaten to death, others report he was found hanged

The family of Palestinian martyr Abdel Fattah Abayat accused settlers of hanging their son inside a building in Gilo settlement, south of Jerusalem, on Wednesday.

The family said that the martyr was on an appointment with one of his brothers to return together to their home in Handaza town, Bethlehem. After several attempts to call him, the family received a call that their son was found hanged in one of the settlement buildings.

The family accuses the settlers of killing their son, explaining that their son was tortured before he was killed in a very ugly way, which suggests that the criminal was not afraid of the consequences.

Such contradictions usually point to a lie.

Then there’s the fact none of this could be verified, which of course did not stop any of the haters from spreading it

The Quds News Network reported that the man, identified as 37-year-old Abdul-Fattah Obeyyat, was found beaten to death with a noose around his neck, although this claim could not be independently verified by IMEMC.

There was no source identified in the Quds News report, although the paper claimed that they received their information from Obeyyat’s ‘family members.

Quds News quoted his family accusing Israeli settlers of assaulting and killing him. No further information is known about the cause of death.

Assuming the man was found hanged, the probable cause would be suicide. And although the reports go out of their way to suggest he had no reason to kill himself

The family reported to SAFA that their son had not previously been subjected to any harassment or threats from certain parties and had a permit to enter the occupied interior lands for work.

there could be a plethora of reasons he would do so, including one another of the reports unintentionally alludes to

Although some Palestinians work in the Israeli colonial settlements to be able to survive, it is a practice that is frowned upon by most Palestinians

Either way, the contradictions and lack of a verifiable source indicate this is yet another libel designed to demonize Israelis, truth be damned!

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media