Rashida Tlaib’s Latest Incitement Against the Jewish State


In Hebrew, the word רשע (“rasha”) means a wicked person.

I think I am going to start referring to her as Rashada Tlaib.

Many others and I have dealt with this libel to death, so I am not going to repeat myself. But my friend Fleur, the deputy mayor of Jerusalem did such a good job explaining it, I’ll leave this here:

Tlaib never met an anti-Israel libel she didn’t like. This is just her latest.

Note her chutzpah in claiming PM Netanyahu uses “anti-Arab rhetoric” that “allows violence towards palestinians.” Besides being another lie, it is her anti-Jewish state rhetoric that allows violence towards Jews – not just in Israel, but even the US.

So much for being “one of the biggest fighters against antisemitism.”

Also, Tlaib has already made it clear she does not really care about the palestinian Arabs; it is more about demonizing Israel. Heck, that even includes sity!

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