The Chutzpah Of Lamenting the Holocaust, While Trying to Destroy the Jews Spiritually


With yesterday being International Holocaust Remembrance Day, social media was replete with #neveragain posts and tweets (along with the usual antisemitism).

Here is one such tweet I would like to highlight:

And why do I want to highlight this particular one?

More here and here.

Such a group lamenting the Holocaust – in which Hitler sought to destroy the Jewish people physically – is the height of chutzpah. Because what they are doing is seeking to destroy us spiritually.

Of course they don’t see it this way, but I am here to tell them this is absolutely the case.

And yes, one can respect Christians (as I do) and at the same time declare that belief in Jesus as messiah (and of course G-d) is absolutely a no-go for Jews.

It is high time these missionaries and messianics learned that respecting Israel and the Jewish people is not about platitudes on social media. It is about allowing us to serve G-d the way He commanded us, and not placing a stumbling block before vulnerable Jews.

Update: By the way, the name of the head of One for Israel is a guy called Erez Soref. The word “soref” in Hebrew means to burn.

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