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WATCH: How Adam Sandler Celebrated His Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Sandler recounted what he did for his daughter's bat mitzvah

WATCH: Differences Between the Non-Jewish New Year and Jewish New Year

Comedian Ashley Blaker explains how the Jewish New Year is just a little bit different to the non-Jewish New Year

WATCH: Israeli Soccer Player Shon Weissman’s Expression of Jewish Pride

What Shon Weissman did after scoring a goal on Thursday night

Israeli Elections: What’s Wrong With Us?

Why can't we all work together and face our common enemy? "Microclashes." They seem like mountains to those who have them, but from a birds-eye view they are molehills, or more like hangups.

Grease Star Olivia Newton-John’s Pride in Her Jewish Roots

Australian singing superstar Olivia Newton-John (of "Grease" fame) says some of her best friends are Jewish. But don't worry. She is no antisemite. Quite the opposite.

WATCH: South African Jewish Entertainer Gets Shock of His Life

South African Jewish entertainer Jonathan Birin recently got invited to play at his friend's place of worship. On arrival he was told that it was the Pastor's birthday party...

Four Additional Questions for Passover

Reader Chaim would like to add four additional questions to the Passover Seder
Flag Parade Jerusalem Day

I Am An Indigenist

I hereby declare I am an indigenist - I am a supporter of indigenous peoples, especially my own people the Jews, indigenous to the land of Israel.

Richard Silverstein Attacks Jewish Blogger for Ignorance on Judaism. His Glass House Does Not...

Israel hater Richard Silverstein goes after a blogger who published a post he hates. Bad move.

WATCH: The Neo Nazi Who Became A Jew

Welcome to our people, Yonatan. It is great to have you with us!

Brexit Is Failing Because It Lacks Israeli Resilience

Judaism is a cultural super technology because it instills a desire for freedom and it legislates by handing down one set of laws for all.

WATCH: Israeli Judo Team Brings in Shabbat in Abu Dhabi

This would have to be a first

William Shatner: Judaism is About “Being Generous and Charitable”

Here's another reason to love the guy


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