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not jizkiahu ben david

Antisemites Allege Jews Have Anointed a Messiah Called Jizkiahu Ben David

A number of YouTube channels had uploaded videos claiming the Jews proclaimed a guy called Jizkiahu Ben David as the Messiah
batwoman funeral

Batwoman’s Jewish Funeral

On Sunday night’s episode of The CW show “Batwoman,” the superhero received a notably Jewish funeral after she was presumed to be dead
De Niro

The Ten Plagues as Told by Ten Celebrities

In honor of Passover, my friend and comedian Elon Gold has created this video of the Ten Plagues, as told by ten celebrities
indiana jones

The Raiders of the Lost Scrolls

An historical discovery caused waves this week, when fragments of ancient scrolls and treasures were found in caves on cliffs that hug the Dead Sea
Carrie Fisher

That Time Carrie Fisher Wore Hebrew

I've come across this gem of a photo of the late Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia in Star Wars

60 Minutes Australia Can’t Tell a Rabbit From a Rabbi (Updated)

60 Minutes Australia are pretty much libeling the entire Jewish community when they call this guy a "Rabbi."
BBC Politics Live

BBC Panel Discuss Whether Jews Are an Ethnic Minority

The experts on whether or not Jews are an ethnic minority are surely a bunch of non-Jewish people discussing the subject on BBC Politics Live
Basma al-Kuwaiti

Kuwaiti Singer-Actress Basma al-Kuwaiti: I Converted to Judaism

Kuwaiti singer and actress Basma al-Kuwaiti has sent shockwaves with her announcement she intends to renounce Islam and convert to Judaism

The Chutzpah Of Lamenting the Holocaust, While Trying to Destroy the Jews Spiritually

Such a group lamenting the Holocaust - in which Hitler sought to destroy the Jewish people physically - is the height of chutzpah
western wall

Palestinian Arabs Admit History is Their Enemy

Sometimes you just have to read between the lines. The Palestinians and Jordan have accused Israel of seeking to “Judaize” the Western Wall Plaza because...

WATCH: Jay Leno on Why He Loves Israel & The Jewish People

We already knew that comedian Jay Leno was a huge lover of Israel and the Jewish people. But it doesn't hurt to hear it again, especially since he is always hilarious.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Ill-fated Attempt to Show an Appreciation of Jewish Philosophy

In a video on Denis Goldberg, the South African social campaigner who was active in the struggle against apartheid, antisemite Jeremy Corbyn seems to be trying to ingratiate himself to Jews by quoting Hebrew scripture

Israel-Haters IfNotNow’s Latest Comedy Gold

A lack of self awareness by those crazy kids of IfNotNow

A Yom Kippur Unlike Any Other

Yom Kippur September 1990
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