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Repairing the World, One Flat Tire at a Time

Tikkun Olam: In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Literally means "repair of the world."

WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva Honors African-American Head of Security

There was a surprise honoree at the Yeshiva Darchei Torah dinner this week - their head of security, Everett Fortune, who has been with the yeshiva for over 20 years.

WATCH: Orthodox Jews Reaching Out To Spread Unity Among All People

This looks like a fantastic initiative, not to mention sanctification of G-d's name.

Wembley Staff “Blown Away” by Behavior of Jews Who Packed the Arena

What Wembley Arena staff said about the Jews who packed the arena

What MetLife Stadium Said About the Jews Who Filled the Stadium Behind Their Backs

Remember, we are speaking about 92,000 people packing the stadium, so if things got a little unruly, it would not be surprising

Photo of the Day: Where’s Waldostein Edition

Spotted yesterday at MetLife Stadium at the Siyum HaShas, celebrating the accomplishment of studying the entire Talmud one page a day for seven and a half years.

MUST WATCH: Fighting Hate by Getting to Know Each Other

Professor Roy Germano recently visited Brooklyn's Crown Heights Jewish community, the subject of rising hate crimes

WATCH: From Drugs and Guns to Orthodox Judaism

Meet Nissim Black, a former drug-dealing gangsta rapper who left the US and now lives in Israel as a practicing Jew. https://youtu.be/pnTD31s-LNg If this doesn't inspire...

WATCH: Orthodox Jews Raise Nearly $50K for Detective Killed in Jersey City Kosher Deli...

A beautiful gesture by a community under attack.

Call Me Obsessed; At Least I Stand Up For Israel

Am I obsessed? This is something I do take the time to ponder on - mainly when someone sends me a message "Why are you obsessed with being like a Jew?"

WATCH: How Adam Sandler Celebrated His Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Sandler recounted what he did for his daughter's bat mitzvah

WATCH: Differences Between the Non-Jewish New Year and Jewish New Year

Comedian Ashley Blaker explains how the Jewish New Year is just a little bit different to the non-Jewish New Year

WATCH: Israeli Soccer Player Shon Weissman’s Expression of Jewish Pride

What Shon Weissman did after scoring a goal on Thursday night


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