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WATCH: Justin Beiber’s Epic Reaction to Learning Insta-Fan is from Israel

I am not a belieber, but this will upset the Israel-haters and antisemites. That is reason alone to post it.

Medical Device Company’s Israel Division Providing Ventilator Blueprints for Free

The Israel division of the medical device company Medtronic will provide the blueprints for its ventilators for free to companies seeking to manufacture them.

WATCH: Sudanese Family’s Journey to Judaism

Now excuse me while I try to remove the dust from my eyes in a coronavirus-prevention kind of way.

WATCH: White (Jewish) Boys CAN Jump

Yeshiva University’s basketball team the Maccabees recently won the Skyline Conference, beating Purchase College 86-74 and qualifying for the NCAA Division III tournament.

WATCH: Getting Wiggy With It To Break Down Barriers

In the fourth video of his series to ‘break down the walls’, Professor Roy Germano takes his wife and a Caribbean hair stylist to a Hasidic wig shop.

American Jews: Come Close, We Need to Talk

The toughest thing about being an American Jew right now is other American Jews.

WATCH: A Non-Jew Attends a Hanukkah Party

In the third video of his series to 'break down the walls', Professor Roy Germano and his beautiful family are invited to a Chabad/Lubavitch family for a Hanukkah party.

WATCH: A Non-Jew Visits “770”, The World Headquarters of Chabad in Brooklyn

Roy Germano with another fascinating video

Kirk Douglas 1916-2020: Proud Jew and Zionist

Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas (aka Issur Danielovitch Demsky) has passed away at 103

Repairing the World, One Flat Tire at a Time

Tikkun Olam: In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world, bringing it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Literally means "repair of the world."

WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva Honors African-American Head of Security

There was a surprise honoree at the Yeshiva Darchei Torah dinner this week - their head of security, Everett Fortune, who has been with the yeshiva for over 20 years.

WATCH: Orthodox Jews Reaching Out To Spread Unity Among All People

This looks like a fantastic initiative, not to mention sanctification of G-d's name.

Wembley Staff “Blown Away” by Behavior of Jews Who Packed the Arena

What Wembley Arena staff said about the Jews who packed the arena


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