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Palestinian Arabs Admit History is Their Enemy

Sometimes you just have to read between the lines. The Palestinians and Jordan have accused Israel of seeking to “Judaize” the Western Wall Plaza because...

WATCH: Jay Leno on Why He Loves Israel & The Jewish People

We already knew that comedian Jay Leno was a huge lover of Israel and the Jewish people. But it doesn't hurt to hear it again, especially since he is always hilarious.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Ill-fated Attempt to Show an Appreciation of Jewish Philosophy

In a video on Denis Goldberg, the South African social campaigner who was active in the struggle against apartheid, antisemite Jeremy Corbyn seems to be trying to ingratiate himself to Jews by quoting Hebrew scripture

Israel-Haters IfNotNow’s Latest Comedy Gold

A lack of self awareness by those crazy kids of IfNotNow

A Yom Kippur Unlike Any Other

Yom Kippur September 1990

WATCH: Jon Voight Launches New Show ‘Friends of Chabad’

One of my favorite actors and all-round good dudes explains his new project to ILTV

WATCH: Corona Confession for Yom Kippur

This one might only be fully appreciated by Members of the Tribe

WATCH: The Singing of an Angel

At a time where we have been seeing so much tension between the Jewish and Black communities (in no small part due to rising antisemitism from within the latter), this video - in time for Rosh Hashanah - is truly music to our ears.

Photo of the Day: Kool and the Na Nacher Gang Edition

Yesterday, Ronald “Khalis” Bell, the co-founder of the soul group Kool & the Gang. This is how he appeared on the Yahoo front page

Basketballer Amar’e Stoudemire Now Officially a Member of the Tribe

I think we are due for some good news, wouldn't you say?

Israel-Based Missionary Group ‘One Israel’ Trashing Judaism to Try Convert Jews

One for Israel is a missionary group operating in Israel, which is trying to bring the message of Jesus to Israelis. And they like to fight dirty.

United We Stand

Racism, biases, grudges and jealousy are eating away at the very core of what it means to be a community, and a thriving society.

Actor-Comedian Seth Rogen Gets Himself Into a Pickle Questioning Israel’s Existence

Rogen says he was “fed a huge amount of lies about Israel” and questioned why the state should exist.

The Met Passes Off Jewish Religious Article as “Islamic Amulet”

The Met have this "Islamic amulet" as part of their collection
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