Where Roger Waters Can’t Spell His Own Song Lyric


Antisemitic rock’n’roll BDShole Roger Waters is back to tweeting about his first love.

Music Israel-bashing.

roger waters tweet

It links to this whining article lamenting the a December New York appeals court ruling that Fordham University had the right to ban the Students for Justice for Palestine (SJP). Fordham was concerned about recognizing SJP, “a national organization reported to have engaged in disruptive and coercive actions on other campuses, would work against, rather than enhance, respondent’s commitment [to] open dialogue and mutual learning and understanding” on the campus.

This is a legitimate concern given their long history doing just that. Even the article to which Waters link admits as much.

Some SJP chapters have engaged in more confrontational tactics. In May 2016, SJP members at the University of California, Irvine protested a screening of a film sympathetic to the Israeli army during an event that also included a talk by Israeli soldiers. Prevented from entering the film screening, the SJP members demanded to be let in while chanting outside the screening, which some event attendees complained disrupted their ability to watch the movie.

Attendees also complained that the activists had barred people from entering and exiting the room where they were protesting, though the SJP activists denied that claim.

In another case, in April 2018, Palestinian rights activists at New York University disrupted an outdoor rave held to commemorate Israeli independence, with one activist burning an Israeli flag.

But back to Waters’ tweet, where there’s a typo at the end:

roger waters tweet

You know you might just be drinking too much when you can’t even spell a lyric to one of your own songs.

Roger Waters drinking

Incidentally, “Alonr” sounds like the name of an Israeli guy!

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