IfNotNow Co-Founder Yonah Lieberman Loses It Over Zionist Discussion

IfNotNow co-founder Yonah Lieberman has gone on a Twitter rant, after dropping in on a Clubhouse chat created by some Zionist Jews.

Yonah Lieberman tweet


Just for some context: Anyone who is on Clubhouse can create a discussion room. In this case, it was a couple of college kids.

No funding required or present.

In contrast, in FY 17-18, IfNotNow’s total income was $497,453 and total expenses were $386,623. This includes over $127,000 in salaries and wages (I am not sure if Lieberman himself received one).

But Lieberman did not stop there. He clearly got his panties in a twist.

Yonah Lieberman tweet

Yonah Lieberman tweet

Note his promised “last reflection” (which wasn’t):

But my last reflection is that it is so so so male-dominated. I believe that only two women spoke in the 40 minutes I was in there. The intersection with ultra-Zionists and hyper-masculinity is sad.

Besides the transparent attempt to be woke, Lieberman flat-out lied.

It is clear from this that Lieberman cannot handle that there are some proud young Jews not taken in by his organization’s lies, terror support, and – yes – antisemitism.

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