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IfNotNow When Is a Good Time to Be Inspired by Calls to Bomb Tel...

What inspires Israel-haters IfNotNow? What moves them to declare to palestinian Arabs "American Jews are with you?" 

IfNotNow Co-Founder Yonah Lieberman Loses It Over Zionist Discussion

IfNotNow co-founder Yonah Lieberman has gone on a Twitter rant, after dropping in on a Clubhouse chat created by some Zionist Jews. Well-funded? Just for some...
ifnotnow tweet

IfNotNow’s Latest Meme-rable Mess-Up

Where those crazy Israel-hating kids of IfNotNow try to use a meme to convey a message, but completely mess it up.

IfNotNow Admit They Get Their Knowledge of Judaism From Cartoons

Not unlike their fellow Israel-haters JVP, IfNotNow are as kosher as a pork latke

Israel-Haters IfNotNow’s Latest Comedy Gold

A lack of self awareness by those crazy kids of IfNotNow

WATCH: Ami Horowitz on IfNotNow’s Agenda, Terror Support and Ties to Hate Groups

I have written a lot about the insidiuous IfNotNow, but as usual, Ami Horowitz gets to the heart of things in a (relatively) short video

IfNotNow: All Antisemitism is Equal, But Some is More Equal Than Others

Why anyone would look to this group to actually learn about antisemitism and how to combat it is a mystery.

How IfNotNow & Other Haters Sea Only Evil When It Comes to Israel

In one of their latest examples of attacking Israel, they complained we did not let palestinians entering Israel illegally to go to the beach.

IfNotNow Show They Are Still Crumby Jews

Those antisemite-loving Jews of IfNotNow tweeted out this birthday greeting for Rashida Tlaib

Not Many Can Hold a Candle to IfNotNow’s Ignorance of Judaism

IfNotNow would like everyone to believe they are proud Jews. Which is why they constantly co-opt Jewish religious practices and festivals to further their agenda. Except they are doing it all wrong.

IfNotNow Suffers From a Bad Case of Premature Jubilation

Last week, anti-Israel organization IfNotNow (and others) milked the announcements of Democratic candidates Peter Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar to not attend AIPAC

IfNotNow: We Are Hot!

Israel-hating nincompoops IfNotNow really tweeted this

A Hanukkah Song for IfNotNow

A twist on the Major-General's Song from The Pirates of Penzance

Why Rashida Tlaib’s Chanukah Message Was Particularly Ridiculous

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has wished the "good" Jews (i.e. those who support her wish for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel) a happy Chanukah
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