Latest Libel: Israeli Police Murdered Mentally Ill Palestinian


Anti-Israel websites and social media accounts are accusing Israel of murdering a mentally ill palestinian Arab in cold blood. For instance, this is what the Palestinian Information Center reported:

Munir AnabtawiIsraeli police officers on Monday afternoon cold-bloodedly killed a mentally ill Palestinian young man in Haifa City in Israel (the 1948 occupied lands).

According to the Hebrew media, the victim was identified 33-year-old Munir Anabtawi from Wadi an-Nisnas neighborhood in Haifa.

His family reported that Munir’s mother phoned the police and asked them to help take her son, who suffered from psychological disorders and behaved angrily at the time, to a psychiatric center, but when police officers showed up, they shot him in the back and killed him.

The police claimed that the victim drew a knife and ran after an officer, hurting him lightly on his face.

The family denied the police claim, affirming that the victim, who was divorced and had a seven-year-old girl, was not carrying a knife when he left the house.

The man was not “palestinian” for a start. He was an Israeli Arab living in the Israeli city of Haifa.

But regarding the serious allegations, truth be told, the Israeli media has also reported his family’s claims he did not have a knife, and that he was fleeing police at the time.

I guess the family – as well as propagandists parroting their claims – didn’t realize that footage exists contradicting their version of events:

Incidentally, the Palestinian Information Center are one of the propaganda outlets blaming Israel for not doing enough to stop Arab crime in the Arab towns.

PIC post

Had we not stopped this man, they would have complained again we do not do enough.

Which is just further proof their only interest is demonizing Israel.

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