UK Media Absurdly Goes Out of Its Way To Avoid Mentioning Religion of Violent, Antisemitic Thug

Last week, an elderly Jewish man in Stamford Hill, UK was assaulted by an identifiably Muslim man in an apparent antisemitic attack.

Here is how the BBC reported it:

Police are investigating an alleged racist attack after a Jewish man was assaulted in an apparent unprovoked attack, in north London.

The 64-year-old victim was attacked on Stamford Hill at about 20.30 BST on Wednesday, police said.

Shomrim, a local neighbourhood watch, said the man was knocked unconscious and left with a broken ankle.

Footage shared by the group on social media shows a man in Orthodox Jewish dress being punched by another man.

Notice anything?

As others posted, the BBC mentioned that the victim was wearing orthodox Jewish dress, but not that the attacker wore Muslim dress.

Meanwhile, the same Muslim attacker has been a very busy boy since then.

This is how the Sun reported it:

THIS is the shocking moment a Jewish man was struck with a bottle in the fourth hate attack in London within a matter of days.

The victim, 30, was set upon in Hackney, East London, as he walked along the street in broad daylight.

Cops are linking the incident, which took place at around 6.40pm on Wednesday, to a spate of unprovoked attacks.

Shortly after the assault, a Jewish boy, 14, was walking in Hackney when he was set upon at around 7.10pm.

A shocking video clip shows the child being “viciously punched”.

And a 64-year-old grandfather was assaulted the same day at around 8.30pm in Stamford Hill, North London.

The man had been walking to a synagogue when he was bashed – suffering facial injuries and breaking a bone in his foot as he fell to the ground.

Officers are trying to trace a fourth Jewish person who was believed to have been attacked in the days after the rampage.

Cops are hunting a thug behind the spate of hate-fuelled attacks.

The Met has released an image of a man they are keen to speak to in connection with the incidents.

Videos appear to show the same alleged attacker dressed in white, wearing a headdress and a green-brown coat.

It is almost comical how the the Sun also goes out of their way to avoid mentioning the religion of the attacker, even though 1) they mention the victims’ ethnicities and 2) they mention the attacker’s clothing 3) they posted this photo of him:

Media agenda, much?

Why is his religion relevant? Because it is important to understand and recognize the huge problem of Muslim antisemitism in Europe, including the UK. If you don’t recognize it, you cannot tackle it properly.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping this creature is arrested and sentenced to jail, where he can be tackled properly.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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